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Termont Montreal Inc. (“Termont”) is a container terminal operator based out of the Port of Montreal.

Our Maisonneuve Terminal has been running for over 25 years and provides operational expertise, cargo-handling, and container-handling services such as receiving and discharging import and export cargo, and transloading containers directly to trucks and railcars. We are equipped with specialized cranes and intermodal terminal equipment, and we use meticulous inventory control systems to track our customers’ shipments as they progress through the port.

Termont Montreal Inc., a joint venture comprised of Termont Terminal Inc. and Cortelina International Corp. Ltd., has signed a long-term lease with the Montreal Port Authority to operate its new Viau Terminal. To support these expanded operations, Termont will be investing approximately $42 million over the next two years in new equipment for the new facility.

Termont handles over 500,000 TEUs of containerized cargo per year at the Maisonneuve Terminal and is operating at full capacity. The new Viau Terminal will provide us with the additional space we need to accommodate customer growth. Between our two terminals, we will be able to safely accommodate over one million TEUs of containerized cargo once both phases of the Viau Terminal project are completed.

For more information please contact:

Julien Dubreuil
General Manager, Termont Montreal Inc.
Office: (514) 254-0526
E-mail: jdubreuil@termont.com

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