Termont has recently completed the installation of the necessary infrastructure to support the use of RFID
tags, a key element of this technology. The use of these tags will be mandatory for all trucks operating in our terminals from May 27, 2024. Truckers who do not comply with this requirement after this date may be denied access. The trucking company scoring may be affected as well.

The deployed technology ensures that the localization of trucks will only be possible within Termont’s
terminals. Change to the serving procedures will be announced later, no change until May 27, 2024.
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How to register your company?
Important note regarding the registration form:

  • If you do not have a US DOT number, you can register as a BCO/Beneficial Cargo Owner. 
    This will bypass the requirements for the SCAC Code/USDOT, enabling you to proceed to the next step to purchase the RFID tags. 

Where to buy the RFID Tags?

RFID Tag Installation Instructions


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