Safety Rules

In order to maintain our Health & Safety Standards, the following rules apply to truck drivers; at all times.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn on the terminal at all times:
* Safety hat on the terminal.
* Safety shoes/boots.
* Reflective vest.
* Pants are mandatory.

Vehicles and traffic rules:
* Respect the posted speed limits.
* Respect traffic flow patterns.
* Respect all stop signs; come to a complete stop.
* Respect pedestrian walkways, a full stop prior to crossing is required.
* Use extreme East and West ends of the terminal to make a U-Turn.
* Do not use a cell phone while driving.
* Make sure you have your hazardous material plac
ard (TDG) in place BEFORE entering the terminal.
* Do not lock and unlock your securing pins on your trailer while within the yard. Unlock them before arriving at the entrance gate and lock them at the exit gate.
* All equipment that handles containers in the yard (Transtainers, Front loaders and Stackers) have priority on the terminal.
* If you cannot find your container in the pre-assigned pile, request a Checker to assist you in finding your container.

A safe and cautious driving is compulsory on the terminal. The non compliance with these safety rules will result in the issuance of written warnings issued by the Termont Security Department.  These warnings result in the following consequences: 

* 1st offence: Written warning.
* 2nd offence within a 12 month period: Written warning + dispatcher will be informed.
* 3rd offence within a 12 month period: Written warning including refused access for 1 month.
* 4th offence within a 12 month period: Refused access for 1 year.
* 5th offence within a 12 month period: Lifetime ban.

Termont reserves the right to remove any driver from its property at any time.

Click here to read the Safety Rules for truck drivers PDF_Logo65

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