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Termont Montreal inc.

Section 68, Port de Montreal,
P.O. Box 36, Succ. K,
Montreal, Quebec, H1N 3K9

Tel: (514) 254-0526
Fax: (514) 251-1952

Port of Montreal Entrance

450, rue de Boucherville
Montreal, Quebec
H1N 0C6


Maisonneuve Terminal – Regular office hours:
Monday to Friday : 06h00am to 05h00pm

Information: (514) 254-0526

Viau Terminal – Regular office hours:
Monday to Friday: 06h00am to 05h00pm
Information: (514) 254-0526

Julien Dubreuil
General Manager
Tel: (514) 254-0526
Vessel/Rail/Terminal Operations

In order to access Termont’s Main Offices, please follow these simple steps :


1 – Access the Port of Montréal at the intersection of Notre-Dame and De Boucherville;

2 – Turn right at the entrance, same as city trucks and keep your right once entered;

3 – Park your vehicule in the designated area near the Notre-Dame fence;

4 – Head to the office with the Termont sign and upon entering, turn right, announce yourself to the Termont clerks who will then request a security patrol to escort you directly to the Termont Montreal Main Offices or Maintenance Offices in order to meet your contact.

Please follow security closely and remain vigilent at all times as the area as a high volume traffic of large vehicules.

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