Serving Procedures


If you have to get out from your truck, be vigilant to any movement of heavy vehicles in the yard and never find yourself in their blind spots. If you have no reason for going out of your vehicle, you must stay inside of them.

Service by a forklift truck type of equipment (Front or Stacker)

* Once at location indicated by the checker, wait for handling equipment to serve you.

* Having been served, go towards the next place indicated by the checker or go towards the exit portal of the terminal.

* When you collect an empty container, you have to remain inside your vehicle and proceed to the inspection of the container only at the exit portal of the terminal.

Service by yard crane (Transtainer)

* Find your container in the pile and indicate the location to the operator (see: ? Truck procedures ? Communication codes).

* When Transtainer arrives, make sure that you are visible and positioned behind your trailer to assist the operator in the unloading of the container on your trailer or the loading of the container that you are picking up.

* When the container is on your trailer, go to the exit portal of the terminal to lock your securing pins.

Never walk, stand or drive on the lane reserved for Transtainers.

When you check the location of your container in the pile, never walk in the back section of the pile where only Transtainers circulates (between piles B & C)

Always keep a secure distance when a container is handled by Transtainer. Never be directly under a handled container.

Click here to read the service procedure PDF_Logo65

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